Dynamic Purchasing System

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is similar to an electronic framework agreement, with two exceptions, new suppliers can join at any time and it is to be run as a completely electronic process.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems are used exclusively by public sector organisations. They save time and money by being a quick and easy way to access goods, services and works through an OJEU compliant route.

Why is a DPS is good for Procurement For All members?

Members also benefit from the PCR 2015 DPS updates, as they no longer have to publish further simplified advertisements in the OJEU each time they wish to award a contract under a Dynamic Purchasing System. This means they have less admin work, saving time and money in the tender process.

Under a Dynamic Purchasing System the minimum timescale for return of tenders is 10 days. Where the contracting authority is a sub-central body, this time limit can be reduced by mutual agreement between the contracting authority and all suppliers in the relevant Dynamic Purchasing System. There is no obligation to undertake a standstill period.

Procurement For All manage the full DPS draw down process on behalf of members. This is a free of charge service.

Why is a Dynamic Purchasing System is good for suppliers and contractors?

Suppliers can both join and leave Dynamic Purchasing System arrangements whenever they choose, meaning they can tailor membership to suit their budget. This opportunity to compete has been further extended by the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015 updates, which withdrew the four year maximum lifecycle of a Dynamic Purchasing System, leaving the timeframe open. In the case of Procurement For All's DPS solutions, they will be reprocured every 5 years to maintain market competitiveness and relevance to members' needs.

Doors have also been opened to smaller suppliers on DPS, as a PCR 2015 update has ruled applicants no longer need to submit indicative tenders (proposing working terms and pricing) with their request to join. This stops bigger firms undercutting SMEs on Dynamic Purchasing Systems and reduces the red tape that might deter smaller firms’ applications. This is a great barrier that has been lifted for SMEs.

Why choose a Procurement For All DPS?

Our DPS solutions are accessible by all our members, and the wider public sector. Each DPS is procured with the whole public sector in mind. Procurement For All manages the ITT process (the method to access the services from a DPS) at no charge.

Each DPS is refreshed annually, and reprocured every 5 years.

Our collective purchasing power means our DPS solutions are some of the most competitive in the market place. Members typically save 13% on like for like costs. Each DPS also saves £6,000 in procurement cost savings by not the member not having to procure the contract themselves.

There is never a 'closed door' - we are always procuring new DPS categories. If you wish for Procurement For All to procure a category for your organisation which you feel would also benefit our membership, please get in touch. We consider all suggestions made by our members, or the wider public sector.

How can you access a Procurement For All DPS?

Simple. Members need to complete a DPS ITT request form.

Non members must sign up to become a member of Procurement For All. Once a member, you need to complete a DPS ITT request form.

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