Dynamic Purchasing System

Development DPS

The DDPS provides any of our members with the ability to compliantly draw down from an array of eligible consultants for key services required fir the Development of buildings for both general build and modular build methods. This includes consultancy services (e.g. for Architects and Project Managers), additional services (e.g. demolition and agriculturalists) and contractors (for general build methods and modular build methods split by contract value).

 Why use this DPS?

*OJEU complaint

*Confirmed and competitive pricing

*Pre-vetted accredited service providers

*Compliant with current Asbestos British Standards

*National Coverage

*Ongoing tailored support from a PFA Senior Procurement Team member

Category Structure:

Category 1 Consultants

Category 2 additional Services

Category 3 Construction Contractors/Developers

Key Dates:

Contract Notice (OJEU Ref. 2017/S 116-232992) Issued Date:                                                                                16 July 2017

Date DDPS Evaluation Commenced:                                                                                                                               17 July 2017

Notifications of appointment/Rejection of submission:                                                                                               27 July 2017

Date of FDPS Commencement:                                                                                                                                        28 July 2017

Want to know more?

Simply get in touch with the PFA team:

T: 0300 555 0304                                                                                                                              e:info@procurementforall.co.uk