30 Members on our 13th Birthday!

19 June 2018

Founded in 2005, Procurement For All (PFA) is a dedicated procurement solutions provider covering the whole public sector. Over the last 13 years PFA have saved its members in excess of £44m and delivered more than 120 contracts across national procurement agreements.

By pooling the volume, PFA has helped its members secure efficiencies far greater than if they produced services on a solo basis. By sharing the procurement costs, this has further enhanced VFM for members whilst ensuring 100% compliance with EU regulations.

In 2017 alone PFA achieved average savings of 15% for members and in some cases as much as 49%. As a 'profit-for-purpose' organisation with 13 years’ experience, PFA members recognise that PFA is their "committed low cost procurement route of choice."

PFA is co-owned by 6 social housing providers from across the UK. Public sector service is at the core of PFA, by working solely with housing providers, blue light services, local authorities, health trusts and education.

In June 2018, PFA successfully secured its 30th member, Peabody Housing in London, which is a significant milestone for the North West based company.

Over the past 6 months PFA have welcomed 6 new members on board, including a University, NHS Trust, and a Housing Associations from across the UK. PFA have adapted to this exciting and rapid growth by expanding the team to include a Member Manager and Procurement Manager, who both bring with them a wrath of customer service and procurement experience.

"Growth is key for our success" explains Keith Armstrong, Managing Director and Company Secretary. "We have increased our product portfolio by 125% in the last year and this has resulted in the public sector seeking our enhanced service offer. This, along with opening up our services to the whole public sector, has seen our brand awareness increase also. It is exciting and extremely rewarding to see how quickly we have secured our 30th member, and more so as we celebrate our 13th birthday."

As part of our procurement growth strategy, we have 3 new dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) being released to tender in the next few months which include Responsive Repairs, Voids and Planned works, Lone Working / Tracking and Fire Detection and Sprinkler System and we are also excited about our recent launch of our Development DPS, and our new indirect categories.

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