National OJEU Compliant Energy Brokerage and Supply Agreement Goes From Strength to Strength

Founded in 2005, Procurement For All (PFA) is co-owned by 6 social housing providers and is a dedicated procurement solutions provider covering the whole public sector. Over the last thirteen years PFA have saved its members in excess of £40 million and delivered more than 120 contracts across national procurement agreements.

In 2017 alone, PFA achieved average savings of 15 per cent for members and in some cases, saved as much as 49 per cent. As a 'profit-for-purpose' organisation, with over 13 years’ experience, PFA members recognise that PFA is their “committed low cost procurement route of choice”.

PFA have been leading the way in procurement solutions for some time now by using Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) as well as the industry standard of delivering national Framework solutions. The introduction of DPS’s is a significant move in making efficiencies in resource time and offering a more effective way in working practices for the membership and wider public sector.

As a procurement tool, a DPS saves time and money by being a quick and easy way to access goods, services and works through an OJEU compliant route. A DPS has many positive aspects similar to a framework agreement, yet new suppliers can join at any time throughout its life cycle offering more flexibility and the process is purely electronic, making it faster and more efficient.

PFA’s collective purchasing power offers its members who use a DPS solution a competitive option within the market place. Members typically save 13% net on like for like costs. Each DPS also saves £5,000 in procurement savings each time one is used. PFA’s DPS’s are OJEU compliant, bespoke to member requirements and a current supplier or contractor can join at any time, making it a preferred compliant route of choice. PFA manage the full DPS draw down process on behalf of members which is free of charge.

Suppliers who use a PFA DPS can revel in a quicker turn-around time with a return of tender typically being made in 10 days. Suppliers can join and leave whenever they choose, meaning they can tailor the membership to suit their budget. A PFA DPS is refreshed annually and is re-procured every 5 years to maintain market competitiveness and relevance to members' needs.

Due to PFA’s sound reputation and professional approach, we are pleased to announce the depth and level of providers on our Energy DPS (Category 2; Energy Supply) has expanded to 7 suppliers offering members with a greater choice for communal gas and electricity contracts.

This is exciting news for our members as they can receive a more competitive choice of providers, including some of the industry giants such as Npower, Certas Energy and Corona.

Having recently accessed market trends and taking into account the low commodity margins for energy, PFA have recently reduced the access fee for all members who are currently using, or may use the Energy DPS in the future, which is the most competitive to access in the current market. The DPS Category 2 is unique as it ensures members are compliant in procuring energy supplies (gas and electric) as typical sized contracts tend to be over OJEU thresholds. ”This is an exciting and challenging time for PFA”, Keith Armstrong, Managing Director of PFA commented, “as we welcome on board 7 key players within the Energy industry, this allows us to offer a wider choice to members, which is an integral part of our corporate value, to be open and honest in our approach and fair and consisted in our pricing. The reduction in fee we have passed on to our members is a thank you for their commitment to PFA and our increased supplier list just goes to show how appealing PFA is as a main player in procurement.”

The PFA team are offering more DPS categories across a variety of services and the team can manage the full draw-down process for members as part the core service we provide. There is never a 'closed door' policy to our DPS service, as we are always procuring new DPS categories.

If you would like PFA to procure a category for your organisation, please get in touch. We consider all suggestions made by our members and the wider public sector.