Business Solutions

The Procurement for All and The Procurement Partners joint EU compliant Business Solutions Framework is now live and available for the public sector.

The framework covers the following areas:

Office supplies

Workwear and Personal Protection Equipment

Cleaning, Catering and Hygiene

Business Solutions

Framework Dates

Launched - April 2017

Expires - April 2021

This framework provides a free, flexible and EU compliant route for public sector organisations to obtain the indirect business supplies they need to the deliver critical services we all rely on. A framework core range for each lot allows for direct award when appropriate with organisations also having flexibility to conduct a mini-competition for more specific requirements.

Lot structure for the Business Solutions Framework

Lot 1 - Office Supplies, including but not limited to all stationery, postroom items, printer cartridges, toners, business technology, writable data media, furniture, and all other general office supplies.

Suppliers on Lot 1 include:

Banner Group Ltd
Lyreco UK

Lot 2 - Workwear and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including but not limited to workwear, casual workwear, careerwear, food industry workwear, weatherwear, footwear, gloves, breathing apparatus, eye/face protection, head protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection and hazard protection. This Lot also covers all appropriate and relevant workplace/factory safety equipment and signage, e.g. environmental control, fire protection, materials handling and spill containment.

Suppliers on Lot 2 include:

Arco Ltd
Banner Group Ltd
Lyreco UK

Lot 3 - Cleaning, Catering and Hygiene, including but not limited to hot/cold beverages, drinks machines, milk/sugar, water, condiments, biscuits/confectionery catering essentials, washing-up products, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, floor cleaners, cleaning machines/equipment, cleaning tools, washroom systems and laundry supplies.

Suppliers on Lot 3 include:

Banner Group Ltd
Lyreco UK

Lot 4 - Business Solutions, including the supply of all products available within Lots 1, 2 and 3. The purpose of Lot 4 is the provision of a one-stop service for the provision of back-office and other indirect goods and associated services. The solution provided to Customers includes analysis and audit of their existing transactions and processes for the aim of identifying opportunities for increased efficiency, supplier rationalisation and cost reduction using the Supplier's comprehensive supply-chain. This Lot may also incorporate innovative solutions, including but not limited open-book/return-on-sales and all-inclusive managed services.

Lot 4 is sole supply, and was awarded to:

Banner Group Ltd

Lot 4 represents a new and unique framework solution for the types of supplies covered by the framework. It gives Customers the opportunity to work in partnership with a leading provider to identify significant cost savings, through rationalisation of the supply-chain, improved efficiencies, reduced product fragmentation and lower prices.

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