Introducing PFA Consulting: Procurement Process Outsourcing

The PFA team have over 19 years of procurement experience and have saved clients over £44 million and delivered more than 120 contracts across our national procurement agreements. Because we procure collectively our clients achieve on average 13% cost savings when compared with self-procurement.

As you would expect, all our products are 100% compliant with current regulations and combined with our experience and capability to deliver all your procurement requirements, you can feel reassured that PFA is the perfect procurement partner for your business.

We currently offer 8 national OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) compliant Framework agreements and 18 national Dynamic Purchasing Systems and offer free support in accessing our Framework agreements. We have 59 active clients and are growing at a rapid rate, which itself speaks volumes about the professionally sound work we deliver and the results we provide for our clients.

In recognition of how procurement is evolving, PFA has introduced a new, dynamic and simple procurement solution: Procurement Process Outsourcing.

The objective of Procurement Process Outsourcing is to help customers achieve a more cost efficient Procurement Solution to meet their business goals by implementing PPO solutions which deliver compliance, cost reduction, internal efficiencies and controls allowing Clients to focus their efforts elsewhere.

We support our clients every step of the way through their procurement journey by providing a flexible, bespoke and scalable service. Our service is built around client requirements and not suppliers or service providers. What we offer is never constrained by solutions or unsuitable ways of working. The PFA team become a true extension of your organisation and we work collaboratively to ensure the success of the procurement transformation.

PFA will always continue to foster innovation in products and services and customer focus and satisfaction will continue to be at the heart of what we do. We strive to deliver industry specific solutions, tailored to maximise benefits.

We are value driven and committed to:
  1. Transform procurement to exceed client expectations
  2. Provide professional technical expertise
  3. Deliver exceptional results in both cost savings and quality
  4. To be flexible and passionate in our approach
What we provide isn’t unique, but the way we do things and what we deliver is.


New Pricing Structure:

As you will be aware, we have adopted a new pricing structure to reflect the new Procurement Process Outsourcing service we offer and last month we sent all our clients communication outlining our new service.

For a further reminder of this, please read below.

From 1st August 2019, our enhanced professional service offer falls into a 3 tier structure, consisting of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our Bronze offer includes Direct Award from any of our agreements. This can be supported in 3 different ways:

Bronze: Option 1:

Direct Award – Self-service: carry out a Direct Award from a Framework by the client only. No PFA support, however PFA will administer the e-procurement process.

Bronze: Option 2:

Direct Award - No PFA involvement in tender preparation: Carry out a Direct Award from a Framework with PFA support, however PFA will not have any involvement in the tender preparation.

Bronze: Option 3:

Direct Award - PFA Consultancy. PFA to provide full support service to complete a Direct Award from a Framework, including tender preparation, specification, KPI's, pricing models. PFA also evaluate the price.

Our Silver offer includes Further Competition from our agreements. This can be supported in 3 different ways:

Silver: Option 1:

Mini Competition/Further Competition/Self-service: Carry out a Mini Competition (Framework) or further competition (DPS). No PFA support with the preparation. PFA will administer the e-procurement process only.

Silver: Option 2:

Mini Competition/Further Competition: Carry out a Mini Competition/Further Competition from a Framework or DPS with PFA support, however no involvement in the tender preparation.

Silver: Option 3:

Mini Competition/Further Competition - PFA Consultancy: PFA to provide full support with the mini competition, including tender preparation, specification, KPI's, pricing models and evaluation the price submissions.

Our Gold offer, which historically all our clients use, is our Procurement Process Outsourcing, providing end to end procurement support, including accessibility to our pool of dedicated procurement professional service.

Gold:Full Procurement Process Outsource. PFA to carry out a fully managed draw down from our agreements, including devising or managing the specification, KPI's, cost models, manage the tender process, liaise with suppliers, client account management, including stakeholder engagement and workshops. PFA to provide a full tender report with tender recommendation.

If you wold like more information regarding this, please contact a member of the PFA Team or call 0300 555 03 04.


Procurement Process Outsourcing

We spend so much time looking after our bodies by eating healthy and working out. We take great pride in our homes by copying the latest trends from inside glossy magazines and follow the latest "insta" stories with even some of the PFA team joining the "Hinch Army" following the cleaning queen herself Mrs Hinch (Sophie Hinchliffe). Why should all this stop when it comes to our place of work? Surely it is paramount to be aware of how up to date your policies, strategies, procedures and processes are and more importantly, whether they are compliant efficient?

Our Procurement Process Outsourcing starts with a Procurement review which will answer all the above and is an important process for a business to undertake. It provides you the perfect opportunity to stop, take a breath and assess independently with a fresh pair of eyes how your business is operating. Our Procurement review is designed to help your organisation obtain a snapshot of where you are at, and any recommendations we will make will only enhance your procurement position.

Now is the perfect opportunity to radically analyse and assess your organisations direction and procurement offer.

To book your Procurement Process Outsource review or for further information about the service, contact a member of the PFA team or call 0300 555 03 04.

“Since undertaking the check and implementing the recommendations, significant improvements have been made and a clear procurement strategy has been developed. We highly recommend the review to others and believe it is a firm requirement”
Equity Housing


Client Spotlight:

In our 14th year, we are proud to be stating we are working with 57 clients, who all have unique and interesting procurement requirements and we are we excited to be working collaboratively with such diverse clients.

Over the past few months we welcome on-board the following clients, who are using our products and services for a variety of requirements:

  1. Kent Fire and Rescue
  2. Yorkshire Housing
  3. Leicester City Council
  4. Viridian Housing, London
  5. Unity Housing, Leeds
  6. 14 Academy’s from various locations across Nottinghamshire

Speak to the team today to learn more about our many products and services or about joining us on our procurement journey.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0300 555 0304

Email: info@procurementforall.co.uk

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