Sure Group

Sure Group 

Procurement For All understands that every contract is unique – and that sometimes time is a crucial factor.

When St Vincent’s Housing Association in Manchester drew down from its Gas Servicing framework, the team knew they needed to work closely with partners to ensure the chosen contractor could get to work immediately to ensure continuity, improve services and allow the landlord to meet targets on safety.

Sure Group was appointed following a mini-competition run by Procurement For All to deliver 24-hour responsive maintenance and gas servicing to St Vincent’s 3,500 homes.

Procurement For All prides itself on making sure contracts run smoothly and in a way that is beneficial to all, giving very clear briefs from the beginning and ensuring long and lasting relationships between contractors and the client.

Sure Group’s Chief Executive Darren Cunningham credits this approach with the success of the project. He said: “The mobilisation of the contract was managed very well by Procurement For All, it took a hands on approach to ensuring that we had what we needed to hit the ground running and deliver results.”

Established in 1976, the Sure Group boast a £30 million turnover with 400 staff across its North West, Midlands and South West bases.

The contract from St Vincent’s, worth £2 million to Sure Group over the four-year period, has seen the gas, mechanical, electrical and building service firm ensure 100 per cent CP12 gas safety certificate compliance across the landlord’s stock in Manchester.

These legal documents show the gas appliances in the property are in a safe and working condition.

The contractor has been a member of Procurement For All for five years and estimates that it delivers up to £1 million of work through the organisation every year.

Thanks to its membership, Sure Group has worked with a number of leading social housing providers, including Equity Housing Group, Muir Housing, Johnnie Johnson, Leeds Federated Housing and St. Vincent’s.

Darren Cunningham commented: “Social housing is 90 per cent of our business, so we can’t afford not to be a member of Procurement For All.

“We have access to some of the UK’s largest social housing providers and the contracts they release thanks to our membership.”

Procurement For All has 22 social housing member partners and released £55 million worth of work through its 16 frameworks this year.

Keith Armstrong, Managing Director at Procurement For All, said: “We work closely with contractors and housing providers throughout the process from an initial project brief through to the mini-competition and beyond.

“We pride ourselves on facilitating contracts that come in on time and on budget, delivering regeneration and services that work for providers and their tenants.

“Sure Group has delivered above and beyond on the contract for St Vincent’s and hopefully our open dialogue between both sides during the initial mobilisation helped to ensure this success.”