Procurement For All (PFA) prides itself on establishing long lasting relationships between contractors and clients.

When three leading housing associations across Yorkshire drew from PFA’s Maintenance frameworks, the team looked to secure a contractor who not only could cope with such a large job, but be able to adapt their approach to improve the service they deliver.

Following a mini-competition run by PFA, Keepmoat was appointed to provide responsive maintenance and repairs services for Leeds Federated Housing, Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust and Accent Foundation in a contract that has been worth £7.8 million over the past eight years.

Keepmoat had originally been awarded a contract to provide the service for Leeds Federated Housing in 2007 through PFA’s framework. However, that deal was eventually extended to included Leeds Federated Housing, Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust and Accent Foundation, and meant that the contractor was responsible for over 14,800 homes throughout Yorkshire.

Formed in 2012 following a merger between Apollo and the Keepmoat Group of companies, Keepmoat boasts a turnover of over £1 billion.

Throughout their work with Leeds Federated, the contractor has provided a collaborative approach, locating their clients’ Responsive Repairs Team and Call Centre within their operational office. This has led to process efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction and improved value for money for the client. This strive for collaboration has paid dividends across the board, with Accent reporting a reduction in void turnaround year on year.

Keepmoat commented: “We set out with a focus of 100% delivery and a belief that collaboration was key for this project. Owing to PFA’s close relationships with its social housing members, this collaborative framework was easily established. It allowed us, as well as the three clients to come together and work in a partnership that creates a culture of trust and openness.

“All in all, this collaborative approached, aided by the utilisation of our workface helped delivered all works for the PFA clients, resulting in positive resident feedback.”

Procurement For All has 21 social housing member partners and released £55 million worth of work through its 16 frameworks this year.

Keith Armstrong, Managing Director at Procurement For All, said: “Our work with Keepmoat is a shining example of where we have worked with our contractor beyond the mini-competition process, to ensure that our clients are getting the best service possible.

“Keepmoat has gone above and beyond to ensure that they have provided impeccable service for their three clients, and throughout their contract have continually strived to improve the way they work.

“We encourage open dialogue between both sides during the initial mobilisation on each project we work on, and hopefully this has set the foundations for Keepmoat’s success on this contract.”