Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust

Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust

A shareholder of Procurement For All (PFA) and member for the past decade, Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust releases around £3 million pounds of work through the consortium’s frameworks each year.

Based predominantly in the North West, with its head office in Poynton, Cheshire, the trust has around 5,500 homes and more than 300 members of staff. It uses PFA almost exclusively for its procurement needs, and testaments the consortium’s high level of service as the reason it always turns to them first.

Cameron Shenton, Head of Asset Management at Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust, explains: “Whenever we have a procurement need, we go to PFA first to see if they can help us out, and 99% of the time we find a solution.”

“The way they approach things just works for us. They make everything simple and easy to manage, and you can always get hold of someone if you need any assistance.”

Over the years, the trust has drawn from almost all of the frameworks on offer by PFA, but regularly makes use of the Day to Day Reactive Maintenance and both Electrical frameworks.

It estimates that it has delivered more than 1,000 kitchens and 1,000 bathrooms for its properties through the frameworks over the years.

With budget a priority, the trust takes ease in the fact that Procurement For All benchmarks itself against other firms in the industry, to ensure that customers are guaranteed to be making savings when they use its services.

Cameron explains that this attention to detail, alongside the fact the consortium runs the mini-competition phase, keeps them coming back again.

He said: “With PFA, it’s quite easy to keep track of what you’re spending, and they make sure you’re complying with all of the laws and regulations.

“In terms of competitiveness, they do their benchmarking against other procurement firms, which guarantees that you’re getting a competitive rate for their services. It’s just clear proof that you’re saving money.”

He added that the contractors selected by the consortium almost always hit and surpass their KPIs, and achieve 100 per cent CP12 gas safety certificate compliance across the landlord’s stock.

Keith Armstrong, Managing Director at Procurement For All, said: “Our work with Johnnie Johnson has allowed us to build up a great working relationship over the years. They trust us to deliver on their needs.

“We pride ourselves on working with both contractors and housing providers from the initial meeting right through to the close of the project, and it is great to see the landlord continuously come back for our services.

“We continue to consistently deliver savings for our clients, and this shows that we can not only save them money, but help them become compliant with new laws that are coming into force.”