Equity Housing Takes Advantage of Procurement Health Check Service

After implementing expert advice from a recent PFA health check, Equity Housing is confident, compliant and clear on its procurement activity.

Equity Housing Group, one of the six founding shareholder members of Procurement For All (PFA), recently undertook one of our Procurement Health Checks and found the service invaluable in identifying various key areas for improvement in their current procurement offer.

PFA offer and highly recommend a procurement health check to all members, and indeed the wider public sector, which includes an independent, organisational wide check of procurement strategies, policies, procedures and compliance. Our health checks provide a comprehensive benchmarking exercise to assess where an organisation currently is against industry standards, compliance, corporate objectives and business plan. It enables us to identify opportunities for improvement and provide a clear and effective action plan that achieves Value for Money ‐ tangible results.

Equity Housing Group, based in Cheadle, South Manchester, manages and maintains 4,600 homes in thriving communities across the North‐West, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, covering a diverse portfolio of shared ownership and affordable rented accommodation. Like all businesses, efficiency savings and value for money is high on the agenda for Equity, as savings can be put forward to improve financial capacity and reinvest into Equity’s corporate strategy.

PFA undertook the procurement health check to review the effectiveness of their procurement plan within their business, as with many organisations there was a lack of consistency in procurement across business streams During the 4 week health check, inclusive of being commissioned and reporting back, PFA carried out a review of business documentation, procurement data, any fragmentation of procurement expenditure and carried out one to one interviews with key members of staff to gather, collate and analyse detailed information in order to make key strategic recommendations. The check was carried out swiftly and was non‐intrusive to the day to day running of the organisation.

When asked about the relevance and importance of organisations undertaking a regular procurement health check and the impact it had for Equity, Mark Bradshaw, Operational Director of Finance & Business Assurance at Equity commented, “Since undertaking the check and being 6 months down the line with implementing the recommendations, significant improvements have been made and a clear procurement strategy has been developed.”

PFA believe a sound procurement supply chain should be effective, efficient and always provide value for money and mitigate risks. Understanding where you spend and what on and having a firm grasp on your supply route and supply chain are benefits of good procurement practise. PFA strongly recommend to all businesses, small, large and any other size that lies between to carry out a procurement health check to open up areas for opportunities and improvement.

When PFA asked Mark Bradshaw whether he would recommend a health check to other businesses, he responded with a resounding “yes! Absolutely, it’s a firm requirement. “

In today’s economic landscape and with preparation for Brexit, now is the perfect opportunity to radically analyse and assess your organisations direction and procurement offer. Our health checks are reliable, effective, and provide results. To book yours contact a member of the PFA team by clicking here or calling 0300 555 03 04.