Accent Group

Accent Group

Accent Group has been working closely with Procurement For All to undertake one of the largest contracting challenges in its history.

The housing association, a founding member of the consortium, is consolidating the number of contracts it operates from 55 to five over the next year.

The project, which is made up of £218 million of contracts over the next 10 years, will see the group save around 10 per cent on costs for delivering work.

Accent Group, which owns and manages more than 20,500 homes across the UK, estimates that the programme will save £22 million in total as housing associations look to achieve savings and prove value for money.

As the organisation streamlines its maintenance, refurbishment and new build contracts, it will work closely with Procurement For All to ensure a smooth transition for tenants, contractors and the organisation itself.

The project began in January 2015, with Procurement For All acting as project manager as well as ensuring that the procurement process is compliant. The new contracts will go live on 1 April 2016.

The new contracts will cover all elements of capital investment, and responsive repairs and voids, with the contract model based on a price-per-property structure.

The close working relationship between the group and Procurement For All is something that Claire Stone, Executive Director, Communities and Assets at Accent Group, credits with the success of the process so far: “Procurement For All operates as our in-house procurement team.

“The project that we are currently undertaking with Procurement For All will see our organisation save a significant amount of money and continue to offer high-quality services to our customers.

“As organisations look to prove value for money its relationships like ours that bear fruit in terms of cost savings and efficiencies.”

Having used Procurement For All’s frameworks in the past, the organisation has already seen significant savings over its 10-year membership.

As the organisation went through the process of streamlining its projects, there were several contracts that needed to be re-procured in the interim – including national kitchens and bathrooms and central heating contracts.

On these alone, Accent Group saved 30 per cent compared to the previous contracts at £2 million.

Keith Armstrong, Managing Director of Procurement For All, said: “Our ability to work closely with our members is something that sets us apart.

“We work in ways that best suit our clients, which in Accent’s case saw a member of their team based in our offices for nine months as they covered a maternity post.

“This way of partnership working is something that sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that our members come back to us time and time again.”

Procurement For All, which is run by a consortium of six housing associations and has 21 landlord members in total, released £48 million worth of work through its 14 frameworks in 2014, while its work with Accent Group has seen it act as a project manager and consultant.