About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2005, Procurement For All is a dedicated procurement solutions provider covering the whole public sector.

We pride ourselves on providing value for money for our members, working closely with them to ensure they get the most from our services and our collective purchasing power.

Over the last thirteen years we have saved our 38 members in excess of £44 million and delivered more than 120 contracts across our national procurement agreements.

In 2017/18 alone we achieved average savings of 15 per cent for our members and in some cases we saved as much as 49 per cent.

As a 'profit-for-purpose' organisation we are committed to delivering service excellence through our EU compliant practices and can provide clients with tailored solutions to meet their specific procurement needs.

We work across public sector organisations, including social housing providers, health trusts, the education sector and blue light services, offering comprehensive end-to-end procurement management for a consistent, low risk and convenient service.

With over 13 years’ experience, our clients recognise us as their “committed low cost procurement route of choice”. 

Value for Money

We operate our national agreements through a low-cost, transparent annual membership fee.   It is free to become a member of Procurement For All and there is no obligation.  We do not charge our supply chain or hide any fees.  Our fees purely cover the cost of investment and running the business.

Our shareholder members view Procurement For All as an outsourced procurement function - of which our overhead costs are shared, thus creating an efficiency saving.

By pooling our volume we have helped our members to secure efficiencies greater than if they procured services on a sole basis.  By sharing the procurement costs, this has further enhanced VFM for our members whilst ensuring 100% compliance with EU regulations.

What we do


We currently offer 8 national OJEU compliant framework agreements, covering regeneration, servicing and maintenance.  We offer free support in accessing our framework agreements, including compliant mini competition support.

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Consultancy Services

Utilising our in-depth knowledge and expertise, our consultancy services ensure comprehensive end-to-end procurement. We will work with you on your procurement strategy that delivers improved quality and professional standards, while also ensuring that regulatory standards are met and exceeded.

Why not take advantage of our free procurement health check?

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Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Our 18 national dynamic purchasing systems provide a tailored solution for development contracts and indirect/back office spend.  Given the flexibility of DPS procurement, it is a popular choice for a quick and complaint procurement route to market for our members - whilst achieving efficiency savings.

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